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Fun at the Fayre

Fun at the Fayre

It is all about enjoyment; for the us and for our listeners.   Silver bands can be stuffy affairs. Not so at Frodsham.

For over 100 years band has provided an outlet for established musical talent,  a nursery for budding youngsters, and a friendly environment in which we are always ready to do our best, but have a bit of a giggle in the process.

The band practises every Tuesday at 8pm – 9:30pm and music lessons are provided by our band master, Norman Denaro, throughout the week.

We perform in public, across the North West,  throughout the year. Those performances range from the relative modesty of a local Care Home to the grandeur of St Georges Hall in Liverpool.   Our aim is to share the enjoyment we have from our music and earn just enough of a crust to keep the band operating.

So if you like the sound of us and want to join or would like to support the band in any other way, please get in touch.

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